The Foundation safeguards and supports the development of responsible and innovative history, citizenship and heritage education by promoting critical thinking, multi-perspectivity, mutual respect, and the inclusion of controversial issues. It seeks to safeguard and support the quality of history and citizenship education through capacity building for educators and producing and implementing innovative teaching tools.
The Foundation does not have the aim to make profit.

The body’s aim is support EUROCLIO by fundraising. This will be done by the following means:

  • Private donors by stimulating individuals to become members of the Foundation, targeting on both historians and other private individuals, who sympathize with EUROCLIO;
  • Charity Funds, who sympathize with the fundamentals of EUROCLIO;

With regard to private donations the infrastructure is in place. At euroclio.eu the possibility is generated to donate via the international payment clearing institute paypal.

Our Foundation is registrered as a so-called ANBI, meaning that donations will be free of gift tax.

Obviously donating/participating companies should fulfill with their reputation and their mission, vision and their business portfolio with the values of EUROCLIO including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the conventions concerning the human rights as ordained by the United Nations and the recommendations by UNESCO concerning the historical education.

Activity report 2016
The Friends Initiatives was launched at 4th April 2012 during the Annual Conference of EUROCLIO in Antalya, Turkey. We did receive private donations, namely from EUROCLIO-fellows who donated speaker fees. In total € 2.239. No progress has been achieved in 2012 with regard to charity funds. In 2014 we did finance the saying-goodbye party of Joke van der Leeuw, the founder of EUROCLIO. The equity is € 18.724. The cost basis of the Foundation is very minimal.

In 2014 EU-regulations changed, meaning that associations like EUROCLIO are now allowed to build up their own operational reserves. So, however the Foundation will designating its reserve to EUROCLIO aims if needed, it is not longer necessary to develop new partnerships nor to build our own private donor network.

Profiling and fundraising for the EUROCLIO Association is now done directly by themselves.

In 2016 the Foundation entered an agreement with Stichting the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (hereinafter ‘the IHJR’). IHJR has been liquidated as of 30 April 2016. The legacy of IHJR has been transferred to the Foundation. The IHJR’s network of historians and Advisory Board will remain. The ownership of property rights of the publications have been transferred to the Foundation. IHJR has confirmed not to be aware of any commitments legally related to the intellectual property/property rights nor any other legal obligations either.

The Foundation will succeed the IHJR and obtain full ownership of the IHJR property rights and will store the remainder of the IHJR’s publications and disseminate the publications to relevant university and highschool libraries. The Foundation may pursue opportunities that involve the legacy of the IHJR in projects that might fit within its own programmatic priorities.

The liquidation surplus has been transferred to the Foundation. This surplus and the proceeds made from selling IHJR’s publications will be accountad for as a restricted reserve until 2023.

Further activities of the Foundation will be on hold until new opportunities to support EUROCLIO will arise.

In 2016 the Foundation contributed a small amount for travel and stay costs for attending the Annual Conference of the Association EUROCLIO.

For legal reasons the Friends Foundation will remain separate and independent from the Association and will not use the Association’s resources. Only a minority in the Board will combine their duty with serving the Board of EUROCLIO Association also. At present there is only one: Frank van den Akker. Frank has been appointed as per March 22, 2016. The Board further consisted of: Sandra Kalniete, Erwin Capitain, Dean Smart, and Elbert Roest. The latest three have been re-appointed in March 2016. Dean Smart is the Secretary, Erwin Capitain is the treasurer. Sandra Kalniete resignes as per April 2017 being the end of her first nomination term. Frank van den Akker is appointed as interim-President.

Board compensation
Members of the board do not receive a compensation, nor do they receive any allowances.

Board members
Frank van den Akker (interim president)
Erwin Capitain (treasurer)
Dean Smart (secretary)
Elbert Roest